Best method for learning to program a computer?

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Learning to program seems like the next big thing in terms of career choices for many millennials. The whole everyone can code idea might seem a bit like a scam at first, but the more you delve into the numbers it is anything but. Many economic and labor institutes predict vast shortages of qualified programmers and tech workers in general. The debate over the H1B visa and the viability of the program under the Trump administration only compound this shortage.

While the shortage exists, companies are increasingly looking to hire more advanced programmers as technology grows and becomes more complex. Different programming frameworks continue to pop up, and many new tools and languages need to be learned. Entry level developers can find it difficult to find jobs without much experience.

Despite the explosion in the most traditional way to learn programming, a computer science degree, job openings still outnumber graduates. There still seems to be a large shortfall of eligible workers in areas across computing, not just limited to programming. Areas such as information technology and cyber security as well continue to have too few qualified workers to go around.

While it has been established that work is plentiful, getting qualified can often be the challenging part. Getting a degree still seems like the safest way into this industry, but increasingly self-taught programmers are becoming the norm. The self-taught developer seems to be a highly viable path for many trying to break into the industry. Creating a portfolio of projects for prospective employers to look for is one of the most important things for programmers to do before looking for a job. Demonstrating the skills you have in a project mode can lead you to a chance to break into the industry.

For many self-taught programmers, learning to program a computer was not innate. It came with extreme amounts of hard work. One thing that has changed in the past decade is the sheer amount of resources available to learn how to code, both in terms of paid and non-paid options. Tutorials, video series, project guidance, are just a few of the resources out there for those looking to learn. A computer programing education is just a single click away.

The nontraditional schooling has also been ramping up in recent years around the country. The coding boot camp has seen a tremendous surge with over a hundred boot camps now open in the United States. Many of these programs offer a few months of intensive training and get you job ready in the computing field you desire. These boot camps can be an excellent jumpstart into a lifelong career in coding. For many of these in person coding boot camps, the hours can be daunting with close to seventy hours a week required to complete these boot camps. In many cases, costs can be ten to twenty thousand dollars. Students must be able to choose the boot camp or online program that best suits them and their vision. Before considering attending any boot camp, students should get an idea of the field, and actually try to learn to program a bit by themselves to get a taste of it before making a financial risk in the five figures

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